One of the easiest and beloved online games among gamblers is a daily keno game. In general, it combines several games in one, due to what it became a thrilling game with an instant result. Keno casino can help gamblers to distract from such standard games as blackjack, roulette, poker, strategic and other card games.

In some way daily keno reminds a roulette game, as choosing it gamblers can get not only an instant result but can also enjoy fun and excitement. By making bets and playing this game, gamblers can get luxurious benefits and win over and over again. Let’s get back to the beginning of game history. It is considered that this lottery came from Ancient China, when general Cheng Ling was trying to find the way out to support his army after endless fights. 

By another version daily keno appeared according to the first 100 pictures, which were used for studying Chinese alphabet by children. Soon the game became popular all over China and the results of the game the local people from villages received with the help of pigeons. It is supposed that the game was super popular, so that the general gathered a lot of money for his army and even to build the Great Wall of China.

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Among the advantages of such a common game as daily keno, can be named reality, thrill and money awards. In comparison to Ancient China, gambling at Keno casino, players don’t have to wait for a pigeon to find out keno results. The process of game is rather modern and based on a generator of random numbers. Moreover, the casino is licensed by the legal certificate of Ecogra, so players shouldn’t have any doubts about keno winning numbers

First of all, gamblers should select number from 0 to 10 among 80 displayed numbers on the ticket. In order to increase the potential keno results, gamblers can buy any numbers to win. After player has selected the numbers, they will be generated in a random way by the lottery and in case of match you win. 

The aim of this game is to choose or guess as many winning numbers as possible. The more you guess, the higher chances of money award. In other word money award depends on the selected numbers in the ticket. Take time and investigate the world of keno games at Keno casino. If you would like to play and win, you should try different keno games. The casino cooperated with a famous company Microgaming, that means that gamblers can expect fantastic gameplay, high definition graphics and perfect performance of the web site.


Keno casino is a platform for all ages, it is beloved by teenagers and people over middle age. So it doesn’t matter how many years of age you have. Therefore, it is intended as for freshmen as for professionals. The game is absolutely legal and offers a lot of bonuses for everyone. Check out the official website to find out more relevant information.


Speaking about welcome bonuses at Keno casino, first of all it should be mentioned 50$ bonus for new users, who registered and created accounts. Thus, every week gamblers can get 10$ award and every month all gamblers can get 5000$. When it comes to jackpot winnings, Keno classic can give you 1,908,882$ and Keno game can give 5,618,518$.

Keno is a game of all ages and beloved by millions of people all over the world. So don’t cheat the traditions if you like keno games. But if you prefer strategic games, this game is not for you. First of all, millions of gamblers choose this game as they like to relax and get joy from the process without making difficult decisions. Every game still gives a lot of exciting emotions and nothing can compare with the happiness, which gamblers can feel when they see how selected numbers win. It should be noted that with every selected and guessed number you get closer to winning the jackpot. 

No matter of your age and preferences, this game is perfect if you like to participate in the lottery. Though the winning coefficients are lower here than in comparison to the other table games, they are still higher than in traditional lotteries. These traditional lotteries are usually held for raising money for the government. Those gamblers who are interested in raising up winning chances to catch a big bank, then it is a perfect game for you.


Gamblers who chose Keno games for fun and pleasure, should be fully responsible for all the risks. In general, Keno games are considered to be social and funny games, so for millions of people it is just leisure time and hobby. Nevertheless, the casino is conscious that all the games are legal and real. Moreover, it tends to provide as much information as possible as for users as for employees, so they could make right decisions. That is how they can consider Keno games as a potential way of making money.


The official olg website offers various types of keno games, all of them can be found at different casino, websites partners and software providers. The majority of games are lotteries with standard rules and some extra options. Nevertheless, there are some games which have specific theme, visual effects, graphics, sound. There are olg games that are dedicated to space, animals, mythical creatures, folklore. 

When it comes to the results, it doesn’t matter what game gamblers choose. The most important part of the game is the screen or the field where are located from 1 up to 80 numbers. The field can look like a wheel and themed circle like an airplane, snake, dragon, toad and many others. 

The aim of the game in all the versions is the same, gamblers should guess from 1 up to 15 numbers. The more numbers you guess, the larger may be the potential award. All the potential payments can be seen by gamblers in a table displayed on the screen. Therefore, to those persons can be offered some extras such as multipliers, free moves, prize ball and etc.


Speaking about mobile version of olg keno numbers lottery, gamblers should pay attention that the same as with mobile slots, gambling on mobile devices is even more realistic than in online mode. The realistic gameplay is created by the management of the game with the help of touching the screen by fingers. 

Gamblers can have an impression of filling out real numbers as in a real ticket. The casino provides gamblers with high quality of games, so no matter the results they will love Keno casino. It is better to keep in mind, that exciting emotions gamblers can get when they randomly guess the winning numbers.

Keep in mind that there is no statistics or prognosis of the game, where gamblers can figure out the results of olg. So if you are thinking about winning the game, first of all, set the budget that you are ready to risk. In other case, the gameplay will catch you for a long time and you can lose more than you win on some bets. Just dive in the game as in the gameplay for fun and entertainment, but not on a way to earn money. 

That is how in case of winning, it will be an unexpected surprise for you. The final results of the game, should be not winnings but just a possibility to have fun. Today online version and casino on mobile devices allow to dive into the atmosphere of Chinese age and over. Feel the dynamics of the game, as every winning number is an excellent benefit from the casino!